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Buildings and Skylines

Today I was checking out the Flickr blog I follow on the Internet and came across a really nice slideshow of tall buildings which also included a lot of skylines – actually it is the longest slide show I have ever seen but so many of the images were absolutely fascinating! Several of these pictures are of the HDR (high dynamic range)type. I decided to post a couple of my images that fit the criteria even though I they are not in the linked slide show and are not HDR images.

The image below shows New York, New York in Las Vegas from a year ago. What a great place to take images of buildings!

Here is an image of Edinburgh’s skyline from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. This is not an HDR image, but I was able to get that effect using Camera Raw in Lightroom. It is surprising how close you can get to an HDR look with a well exposed image.

This sepia toned image was taken from the London Eye that I believe fits the skyline category. Here is a link to a nice short YouTube movie if you want to get a feel for what the actual ride is like.

And finally I have added a picture I took from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Jacksonville, Florida this year. I added Nik’s Silver Effex Pro and modified the antique plate II and added an Ash Texture with a Soft Light Blend Mode to get this effect.

As a final note, try shooting tall buildings – they make for an interesting subject matter…..Digital Lady Syd


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