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My Top Ten Photos from 2010

So after talking with my son Chris who says that the last blog of the year should be an overview of the year, and since I have only been blogging a little over a month, I decided to do a post about my favorite images from last year.  After reading an article posted recently by Mark McGuinness at 99% called “Why Your Inner Critic is Your Best Friend“, it started me me thinking about what things have I created or processed that I really liked.  This is probably a good idea for everyone to do since it makes you think about the progress you had made in your craft during the year and what things just did not work out right.  I might add this requires using your inner critic to determine this.  So here we go with “My 10 Top Photos of the Year!”

10. I like this image because of the colors and because I used two new programs, Flame Painter and LiveBrush to create it. This was a lot of fun to make.

9.  My nature pick was this great group of Wood Storks taken on the golf course in November. I call this “The Family Portrait.” I used a Gitzo tripod with a Really Right Stuff ballhead.

8. Had to add a Disney World photo taken in the Magic Kingdom in March. This is one of the best places to take pictures. These little guys are the LGM’s (Little Green Men) from Toy Story.

7. The Wedding Collage was taken at our oldest son’s wedding in March. My first attempt at using Professor Kobre’s Light Scoop with my pop up flash, and then I placed the resulting images into the AutoCollage 2008 program from Microsoft. I loved the final results of the collage.

6. This image is of the old Ormond Yacht Club (circa 1910) in Ormond Beach in February. It was one of my first wide angle images I took with my Nikkor 10-24mm lens. The sky was gorgeous that day!

5. This HDR image was taken in the Bahamas at the Grabbers Restaurant on Great Guana Cay taken in June. One of my favorite spots on the Cay. It was processed using PhotoMatix Pro.

4. Had a fabulous trip to Maui in September. View was taken from the 31st floor at the Ka’anapali Beach Club.

3. The Houses on the Water at Green Turtle Cay in June at the Bahamas. I used a texture to give a painterly look.

2. A lovely Hibiscus from Hawaii in Sept. Applied an Eddie Tapp technique called Cookie Lighting in Photoshop.

1. My favorite image from 2010 is one I took from our sailboat while crossing the ocean to Great Sale Cay in the Bahamas. The clouds and the solitude really represent how beautiful and peaceful it was while sailing during the trip.

I have enjoyed going through all my images from last year and critically thinking about each – I am finding the ones I like are not necessarily the ones that were the most popular. Try this and you may be surprised to find the same results!…..Digital Lady Syd


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