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Image of a pitcher of flowers created using Corel PainterThis week I took it a bit easy. Hope everyone is having a great New Years. It always feels good to put the past behind and start over or focus on what you want to accomplish in the coming months ahead. As I stated in my Tidbits Blog, I am not very good at keeping resolutions, but I have one I am going to try to keep this year – learn Corel Painter. I will still learn everything I can about Photoshop – not sure you ever could quit learning with this program and it is my favorite program ever – but I want to expand my abilities and try to incorporate the two programs into something that will create my own “personal style.” With that in mind, the above is one of my first efforts at creating a watercolor in Painter, but with a lot of help in Photoshop (and I hope tolerance from the blog world). I am learning that for my particular “style” I have to try different effects in both programs. This painting used Skip Allen’s wonderful Floral Maker brush that eats away the Painter canvas (this technique is totally amazing!) and his Roman Candle brush created the little rows of flowers. More info and links on Skip and his magic in the paragraph below. Since I do not draw, the pitcher was created from a low resolution Shutterstock stock photo (from a 2006 Advanced Photoshop Magazine No. 25 CD – could not find this pitcher on Shutterstock anymore, but they have several other beautiful pitcher images if you need one) – just selected the pitcher in Photoshop and took it into Alien Skin’s Snap Art 4 using one of their watercolor presets. Next Painter supplied the flowers, and finally back in Photoshop Melissa Gallo’s 2 for 5 Friday Set 2 Seafoam texture from her Painted Textures website was layered into the image using a Darker Color Blend Mode at 79% opacity. To smooth out the texture a little, a Gaussian Blur was added to the texture so it gives more of a soft watercolor look. Used the same border as the image below, and voila, a floral image!

Floral Arrangement Image created in Corel Painter and Photoshop Wish I could take credit for this image idea, but instead I followed Skip Allen’s 10-video tutorial called Corel Painter X3 SP1, New Flower Brushes…Loads of Fun that teaches you how to paint this image. He gives you links to download his brushes and everything you need to create an image similar to the above. I can’t say enough nice things about Skip and these videos – not only did I learn a lot about how to paint a watercolor, but I also learned a lot about Painter. My image was pretty rough compared to Skip’s at this point, but since I know Photoshop pretty well, I decided to clean it up there. My leaf lines were way too sharp, so on a New Layer the Wow BT Watercolor Small brush was used to clean up and soften the edges quite a bit. This is a brush supplied in Davis One-Click Wow Preset Mini Sampler of brushes from one of my favorite Photoshop people, Jack Davis, who allows you to download it from his Facebook page Freebies or directly by clicking here if you do not have Facebook. (He has lots of other goodies on his Facebook page so check it all out.) I also removed a few of the splats that I got carried with. Since I always try out Topaz (see website in sidebar of my Tidbits Blog) ReStyle when dealing with major color issues, this plug-in was opened and sure enough, I found a little bit better color combination. The Orange Bush in Snow preset was selected that brought out more of the reds that I really liked. (Changed these settings in the preset: Hue Third -0.81 and Sat Third =0.34; Strength to 100%; Temperature 0.39 and Saturation 0.09; Tone Black Level 0.23, Midtones -0.11, and White Level 0.11; and Detail Structure 0.25 and Sharpness 0.44.) Back in Photoshop, the layer was set to 42% opacity so the color change was not overdone. The last step involved adding a watercolor frame created using my SJ WC Salt Brush at 60 pixels on a New Layer. It had been saved from another image so it was just added onto this image. As you can see, Photoshop really helped me finish up my photo.
Image of a wintry scene using textures and Corel PainterHere is just another rather quick painterly image that I just like – the colors are a palette I would never have tried without Topaz ReStyle. The trees are the same painted grouping I created in this image on my Snowmen Passing Through! Tidbits Blog a few days ago. This time several of Melissa Gallo’s textures were stacked in Photoshop: 6 for 6 Thanksgiving Foliage texture set to Soft Light blend mode; 2 for 5 Friday Set 12 Summer Silk texture set to Hard Light at 13% layer opacity with a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer attached and set to Hue 18, Saturation -56 and Lightness -11; another layer of Summer Silk Texture set to Overlay blend mode at 100% layer opacity; and 2 for 5 Friday Set 12 Ice Palace set to Divide at 100% layer opacity – the Blend If This Layer white tab was set to 159 to bring back some of the underlying color. A stamped layer was created on top (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E) and Topaz ReStyle using Tiara Frost preset was applied with a few adjustments (Sat Fifth 0.66 and Fifth 1.00; Texture Strength 1.00; and Structure -0.61 and Sharpness -0.55). This layer was set to 80% opacity. Melissa’s textures create such interesting results when combined with your own basic painted images.

Painter does seem to have a lot of quirks and to really learn it, I believe you have to do a little in the program every day – not that different from Photoshop. What I really like about Painter are all the beautiful effects you can get from its brushes, as shown above with Skip’s. I like Photoshop’s Mixer Brushes, but find they have a very limited scope when compared to all the different Brush Controls in Painter. If you are interested in learning how to use this program and especially watercolors, I would recommend downloading the trial and following along with Skip’s videos – you may surprise yourself like I did. I never thought I would be able to create anything that remotely looked like a watercolor, but am finding I really enjoy the artistic media and will work on improving my skills in this area. Happy Painting!…..Digital Lady Syd

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