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Image of pink tulips and roses painted with Mixer Brushes in PhotoshopDecided to take the next couple of weeks off from this blog to catch up on some new Photoshop techniques. I will be posting on my Tidbits Blog – just taking a break from my longer blog posts. The above image (which I took with my cell phone in the local grocery store – they have great lighting in groceries) is an example of what I am learning in Melissa Gallo’s Painting With Photoshop videos – if you are interested in painting with Photoshop, I highly recommend these videos. I believe they are the best I have seen from anyone on teaching painting in Photoshop including creating your own mixer brushes and textures. Melissa has a wonderful way of teaching and I am learning a lot from her videos. On this image several of Fay Sirkis’s Signature Mixer Brushes were used since I am really familiar with them. And I still have a goal of learning Corel Painter this year, which I hope to get back to this week.

Also giving a heads up that CreativeLive will be starting another Photoshop Week and you can watch it for free the week of February 24th thru 28th on two different channels. They did this last year and I learned so much – this year they have some great presenters including several Adobe gurus – Julieanne Kost, Russell Brown and Bryan O’Neill Hughes, and my favorites Dave Cross and Jack Davis, among many others. Definitely try to catch some of these shows as they are one of the best ways to learn Photoshop.

In the meantime, since I have not taken a week off in three years, I will catch ya in March. Keep having fun in Photoshop!…..Digital Lady Syd


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