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Image of a Cherry Tree created in PhotoshopI thought I would post something I did for fun a few weeks ago – used some basic ingredients to create some similar but different images. Know I have posted this type of thing before, but sometimes you just need to unwind with what you like to do. All these images used a 10″ X 8″ size at 200 Resolution. The above was the first image created with the various resources listed below. It began with a really nice free vector tree using Mel’s Winter Tree 2 brush and painting in some pink blossoms on a separate layer above it. The brush I used a really cool brush from the Paint with Photoshop Workshop by Painted Texture’s Melissa Gallo and another one from Blur’s Good Brush 5.1 – a really interesting set of free brushes but many labeled only in Chinese. The pretty blossoms can be created using the Size 100 brush with a (- 2) at end of brush name about half way down the list. Next on a New Layer using my free Cloud Set brush 9 flipped (click the Flip X in the Brush Tip Shape section of Brush Palette) was added and set it to 74%. Next French Kiss Color Wash Juin was applied and set to Linear Burn blend mode and 24% layer opacity. Everything else was added to layers either above or below this core area of layers. I used my 60 px Chalk Brush (see my A Dreamy Rose! blog to create) to paint in the ground, Shadowhouse Creations Assorted Brush Pack bird brush 1, and my free Snow 2 Overlay-slightly blurred (colored light blue using a Solid Color Adjustment Layer) at 50% layer opacity for some more texture. The flowers under the tree were actually created in Painter and turned into a png file to add to images (see my I Didn’t Know That! Export Layers Files in Photoshop blog). The font is Dirty Halftone by Offset and a Radial Filter in Photoshop was used on the Cherry tree to draw the eye towards it more. Dave Cross’s Spatter & Splattered Stroke Filter Frame (created using a Dave Cross technique presented in his Photoshop CS5 Finishing Touches for Photographers video on Kelby One Training – this is still a good video to watch if you are a member even if it is for CS5 as Dave does great border effects. Really love the colors from the textures and border.) was added and a Solid Color Fill Layer was clipped to it (ALT+Click between the two layers to clip). It was finished up with a Levels Adjustment Layer on top to give just a bit more contrast.
Painted image of a summer treeThis is a similar image using using Mel’s Winter Tree 2 brush and painting in green leaves on a separate layer above it, then placed in a group named Tree. Underneath this group, the first layer was a texture from French Kiss’s Artiste Collection called Flower Garden. A selective color adjustment layer was added and the reds, yellows, and greens were adjusted. A New Layer was added with just some small 40 pixel colorful strokes to add a flowery feel on the ground using a chalk brush set to 19% Angle Jitter in Brush Panel. On a layer above painted a few more clouds using my Cloud Brushes again (layer set to 54%). Used Shadowhouse Creations Bird brush 1 again. Above the tree group, a text layer using the same font and Camera Raw Radial Filter were added. On a New Layer on top, French Kiss Dot Grunge 05 brush at 498 pixels was splashed on in a darkish green color. Also same border using a Pattern Adjustment Layer clipped to it for the edging effect. These steps are very similar to the image above, just different textures and colors. This was so much fun to do!
Painted image of a red fall treeThe Fall scene is another example of using the basic brushes from above. The tree is the same one as in the first image. Under the group a New Layer was used to paint a soft ground area in white using the Chalk Brush. On various layers the same painted flowers from first image, clouds and birds were used. Above the group more French Kiss Dot Grunge was added and my snow overlay at 40% opacities. Painted Textures Baby Gold texture was set to Linear Burn at 100% which made the tree color red and the tones brownish. Same text font, Camera Raw Radial Filter settings, and border with a different pattern were used. Loved the different result!
Painted image of winter treeThis time it is the same tree without any leaves. Underneath the tree group, French Kiss Artiste L Aube was set to Normal at 100% as a background. A Color Balance Adjustment Layer was added to give more of a bluish tone. On a New Layer, used my cloud brushes to created a soft white ground and clouds. Shadowhouse Creations birds were used again. My Snow 2 Overlay-slight-blur was added and the same Camera Raw Radial Filter and border was used.

I hope you can see how easy it is to use just a few elements and get some very dramatic differences. I love creating these kind of images – totally fun and you never know how it will end up!…..Digital Lady Syd

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