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Image of the Glassblower at the Mexican Pavilion at EpcotJust decided to do a quick border effect presented by French Kiss Collections (see sidebar of my Tidbits Blog for website link) recently. Another favorite image from Epcot this year. I could have watch the Glassblower in the Mexican Pavilion the whole day – and I loved the way this family seemed to be just as interested.

This tip I learned this week from French Kiss Collections’blog called Using and Embellishing Photo Masks on how to use a brush to create a nice border effect. She also has some very nice painted masks that can be bought. I did a blog called How to Paint with a Texture Brush from Your Image that can be used to create your own brush and patterns for the border. In this case a square brush was created and a matching pattern using French Kiss Collections Atelier Georgia texture. Then followed her basic steps in her blog to get a rather interesting border for this image. Basically opened a new document and added a New Layer. Painted with black into the New Layer to get a rough border. Then placed the image on top layer in the document and clipped it to the New Layer (ALT+click between the two layers to clip image layer) . You will see the border in the color of your bottom layer, which can be changed using any color you want or changing it to a texture or pattern. In the above case, a darkish brown color was used – it actually gave some texture to parts of the image I did not want to remove. I did not do much to this image – just used French Kiss Chalkboard texture as a background color (this is a free download from her Facebook page).

Image of some painted flowersThese are just some flowers painted in Corel Painter earlier this while practicing. Wanted to try the workflow of French Kiss – could not get the overlay to stamp into the layer mask, but I do not see the need for it. I just stamped her FrenchKiss Artiste Savoire Faire Overlay on top and then added a layer mask to remove any text that appears on the flowers. Also used her Tableaux Aurora texture for a background and Shadowhouse Creations free Grunge Frame Brush Set Frame 8 for the mask brush.

Think this is a really nice way to get a unique border effect and pretty easy to do. Hope you get a chance to try it – it can make a boring image interesting!…..Digital Lady Syd

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  1. Your works are amazing!

    10/26/2014 at 1:33 pm

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