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Digital Art image of a person playing guitarDecided to do just a quick blog and video on Topaz Remix since it a rather unusual filter by Topaz (for website, see sidebar at my Tidbits Blog). I reviewed the filter back in March (see my What is Topaz AI ReMix!!! blog), but this week they came out with an update (if you already own it, be sure to open up Topaz Studio and update the filters). It now has 102 styles (not layer styles as I called them in the video but just styles) and are sorted into 5 different categories: Abstract, High Impact, Pastel, Sketch, and Pastel. Below I did a short video just showing exactly what the adjustment interface looks like and what some of the style effects do. I am finding this plugin lots of fun to use. If not applied at too large an amount, some very creative but natural looking results will occur. The original image used is free from ISO Republic called Guitar Man.

Here is a list of what was shown in the video if you are interested. (First showed A Neon Rise and set the Opacity to 0.53 set to Low Style Strength. Next shows Ashen Waves, then Burnt Off and shifted the blend mode, Ink Blot at 0.74 opacity, White Water at 0.27 opacity, and finally applied Velvet Abstract.) To finish off the image above, just a Curves Adjustment Layer was added and that was all.


Image of a guitar playerSame image using different settings in Topaz Studio. AI Clear was added, then Black and White Adjustment set to Darken blend mode. Next AI ReMix using Bleach Beach style was selected and set to 0.41 opacity and Color Blend Mode. Last step used Texture Adjustment at 0.46 opacity where one of my Bokeh textures was added into the filter – a layer mask was used to remove off the guitar player. Very different result – much more of a photographic effect.

These styles also look terrific on any of your textures. There are so many possibilities. This is definitely the same kind of filter as Topaz Impression, which as I said, may be one of the very best plugins ever created. My other go-to creative Topaz filter is Topaz ReStyle – use it all the time! This is just one of the reasons I find Topaz to be such a fabulous company as they do work very hard to give the Photoshop creatives some great choices, and AI ReMix fits right in. And I do not want to forget Texture and Simplify, but I do not use them quite as much. Well I hope you will at least download the trial and see what you think of this adjustment. I think it will surprise you how much you will use it – it did me!…..Digital Lady Syd



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    • I watched a new Topaz webinar this week and there are some very interesting ways to use this plugin. Once I have had time to digest it all, I will post. It really is very cool.

      11/18/2018 at 10:43 am

  2. Thanks for the update of Topaz Remix. Looks a bunch of really cool and useful filters.

    11/15/2018 at 11:54 am

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