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Image of a Bonobo Monkey from the Jacksonville Zoo
Taking it a little easy time this week and decided to show this Bonobo Monkey (link describes difference between the Bonobo Monkeys and Chimpanzees) from the Jacksonville Zoo totally enjoying himself in the warmth of the day on his blanket and having a good chuckle. The technique used was partially from a webinar that Matt Kloskowski gave last week called Texture Photo Challenge – Hands On. Since Matt has a Wildlife Tutorial Blending course for sale on this, the Webinar does not seem to available anymore. Matt used some different techniques and brushes – I like mine so that is okay since I have a little different way of doing this. I will say that he starts with very basic Photoshop steps so even a beginner can follow. And Matt’s videos are always a lot of fun to watch. Here is the one tip I will give: download from DeviantArt this free set of brushes by Coyotemange called Wildlife Texture Brushes – they are great for painting in missing areas of fur on all kinds of animals, and by making them smaller, nice sharp edges can be made. I have used these brushes for all kinds of animal images – by adjusting the color dynamics, size, angle, etc., almost every kind of fur issue can be fixed.

Below is a Ring-Tailed Lemur that had posed nicely at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Rookery and was featured in my Tidbits Blog last year. Used the same brushes and similar technique.

Image of a Ring-tailed Lemur at the St. Augustine Animal Farm in Florida

Hope everyone is getting a good opportunity to watch some new techniques to use in Photoshop. I have been learning about Luminosity Masks from Jimmy McIntyre and Luminosity Selections from Steve Arnold, some macro techniques from Mike Moats and shooting some new ways from Denise Ippolito, creating clouds from Glyn Dewis (this was fun to do), and adding ethereal glows to landscapes by Mark Denny – all these people have fabulous YouTube sites or blogs and their photography is excellent. I’ve definitely got a lot of new things to try out. Have a great week…….Digital Lady Syd

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3 responses

  1. Ann Mackay

    The techniques have produced excellent portraits of both animals. I especially like the way the backgrounds are suppressed to give full attention to the subjects – great if you have a zoo background. (And would be useful to me when I have a flower with a cluttered background.) Now I must check out that macro link… 🙂

    05/03/2020 at 6:36 am

    • I have followed Mike Moats for years and he does fabulous macro flower images – check out his website at
      You will really like it!

      05/03/2020 at 11:13 am

      • Ann Mackay

        You’re right, Syd! I love his photography – I may be gone for some time while I look at his flower images… 🙂

        05/03/2020 at 12:41 pm

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