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Happy Valentines Day

Image of a Valentines Day card effect

This week I did a quick little Valentines Day card. Most of this card has the standard valentine elements I have used before. But I did create the element in the middle from a video I recently watched on Design Cuts called How to Create a 4-Way Mandala in Photoshop by Leslie Nicole from French Kiss Textures (her textures are some of the best you will find). It was so much fun trying out the Mandala designs that I had to show a couple. The design above also used some really nice valentine elements from Karen Bonaker, the Corel Painter Master. At her site, she gave these away as Painter brushes, but I switched them over to Photoshop ones by following one of my old blogs called How to Bring a Corel Painter Brush into Photoshop – worked like a charm! I painted the background using almost all the brushes she offered – lot of fun here.

Back to the Mandala – I had never seen Leslie’s technique for creating these so it really intrigued me. Below is an example of one created following the basic steps she uses. The video gives a great explanation of how it is done. Leslie mainly uses flower stems or designs to create them. Below my white lily image that is posted here was used as the starting element for the design.

Mandala of a White Lily

Some painted texture was added behind and Kyle’s Spatter brushes were used also. Topaz (see sidebar at my Tidbits Blog for website link) Simplify was used on the flower in the center to get it to match the image.

This technique is really not as hard as it seems and it gives a beautiful and original result. I plan on trying several more as they are quit fun to do! (Check out this one I just finished a little late: Valentines Mandala) Enjoy the Day!…..Digital Lady Syd

4 responses

  1. Ann Mackay

    Great designs! I really love the lily mandala – beautiful! I’d like to try some collage in photoshop using a mix of photographs and printmaking or paintings that I’d photograph and bring into Photoshop. So this is giving me ideas… 🙂

    02/14/2021 at 9:59 am

    • Thanks Ann. I was totally fascinated by how she did this and it was not really that hard. Just have to get the right starting element. I love to do collage work – have a couple on canvas in my living room.

      02/14/2021 at 11:07 pm

  2. Amazing what you white lily resulted in. I have looked up Leslie Nicole’s video and found it very inspiring. I will definitely make use of her ideas. Thanks for the passing on the idea.

    02/20/2021 at 8:23 am

    • Thanks Otto – it is what makes PS so much fun!

      02/21/2021 at 10:31 pm

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