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Free Calendar Template

I worked some more on the calendar template creating one for your use.  As stated in the last blog, download the free PDF calendar templates from Printrunner. Choose the first one listed.  Click here to download the PSD file to use for your calendar.  I created the template using Scott Kelby’s tutorial, “Templates with Multiple Images,” which was a bonus section from his book “7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3.”

Follow these steps to create a monthly calendar:

1.  Open template file in Photoshop and highlight the Background Layer.

2.  Go to File – Place and highlight the month you want to insert from the downloaded Printrunner PDF file and click OK.   (Must do this from within Photoshop;  I could not get the Bridge to open the PDF files into Photoshop.)  Hold SHIFT to constrain size and adjust to fit the bottom opening of template, making sure the corner lines are hidden. The file comes in as a Smart Object.  Click Enter. (To go back and readjust, just highlight the layer and Free Transform or CTRL+T.)

3.  Highlight Curves Adjustment layer, go to File – Place, and select the image you want to be on the top of your calendar.  Hold SHIFT to constrain size and adjust to fit the top opening of template.  The image also comes in as a Smart Object.

4.  The final step is to change the color of the template, probably back to white, by double clicking on the left icon in the Color Fill 2 layer.  This brings up the color picker and you can choose your color.

5.  Save your calendar for the month you made and reuse the original downloaded template file for the next month.  If you do not want the Smart Objects, just right click on the layers with the Smart Objects and select Rasterize Layer from menu.

This simplifies the process from what I had presented in my 12/26/10 blog.  I hope you will like it……Digital Lady Syd

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